ATG Group is delighted to receive its first Queen’s Award, which is thanks to the team’s efforts in focusing on a company-wide approach to Sustainable Development. Established in 2007 by Dr Mark McKinney, ATG Group provides tailored solutions to complex environmental and waste management challenges within the construction and insurance sectors. Its core services include:


  • Remediation technologies supporting the redevelopment of contaminated sites
  • Treatment and eradication of invasive plant species
  • Site waste management plans
  • Environmental training
  • 24-hour emergency spill response

The company focuses on one distinct aspect for each project it undertakes: how to reduce or eliminate the disposal of waste to landfill. To help achieve this aim, ATG Group has invested heavily in R&D, designing not one but two technologies to combat landfill usage.

LockedIn® is a soil stabilisation technology that can lock contamination into soils, preventing it from being a pollution risk permanently. Eraginate® is a treatment technology which successfully eradicates the invasive Japanese Knotweed plant while significantly reducing the amount of material sent to landfill. Both of these technologies greatly reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate, the need for contaminated material to be sent to landfill. In larger projects, this has amounted to tens of thousands of tonnes.

Outside of these technologies, the company places an important focus on sustainability throughout its business. Initiatives in this area include a focus on renewable energy, with solar panels being installed at both ATG Group’s headquarters and warehousing sites. Car-sharing and the use of sustainable transportation are also encouraged where possible. Moreover, all staff members make an annual commitment to follow sustainable procedures, such as implementing a carbon management plan, reducing waste generated from offices and sites, and sourcing sustainable office supplies and promotional materials.

Along with its commitment to developing a sustainable business, ATG Group fosters community sustainability, founding its own social enterprise, Ashes to Gold, in 2013. With a vision to “rebuild, restore and transform lives”, the company provides purposeful activities to individuals with special needs or mental health issues, the long-term unemployed and those undertaking community service. Today, the charity has four distinct areas: a wood workshop, grow project, bakery and mental health charity. More than 600 people received help from this project in 2019.

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