Mission Statement

Enterprise Causeway enables individuals and businesses to achieve their enterprise potential.
We have 3 main goals…

Building Sustainable Business
Encouraging Enterprising People
Creating Innovative Workspace

Our Vision Statement

We are a safe place where you can explore, launch and grow your business, and that’s not changing. We are passionate about providing the best support for you through collaborating with others. Our vision of success is your success, we succeed when you succeed!

Our Values

1. Respect

We respect every business idea and every entrepreneur, supporting them in a way that encourages confidence and self- belief.

2. Nurturing

We take our clients on their enterprise journey and at each step of the way, offer a listening ear, sound advice and a warm and supportive environment to enable capable and competent entrepreneurs.

3. Collaboration

We believe in meaningful collaboration, partnering with our clients and stakeholders to provide the best possible service

4. Lead by Example

We will lead by example by being entrepreneurial in our own business, being led by a dynamic Board of Directors who walk the talk, living out each day the challenges of starting and scaling a business.

5. Integrity

We are honest, fair and trustworthy and can always be counted on doing the right thing in a reliable way.

6. Passion

We totally believe in and are enthusiastic about what we do, always looking for innovative ways to make a difference.

Our Board

Professor Karise Hutchinson


Bill Kennedy


Paddy McLaughlin


John Armstrong


Jayne Taggart


Pat Hasson


Edward Montgomery


Frances Lundy


Dr Mark McKinney


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