Connecting Communities: Coasts, Hills and Glens


This project was launched on 5th September 2023. It is being delivered in partnership with community company Rathmullan The Way Forward



Supporting social innovation


The project will build new relationships between volunteers and community representatives that are leading social innovation work across Causeway Coast and Glens Borough and the broad area of Rathmullan and the Fanad and Inishowen peninsulas in northern County Donegal.

The project will build and support new relationships through a managed process of sharing information and knowledge, generating ideas, looking at best practice operating models and learning from different approaches to social innovation in both locations.

New relationships will be supported through training, specialist mentoring and peer-to-peer clustering.


Project activities will include:

  • Events to showcase social innovation in both locations


  • Structured social innovation ‘best practice’ site visits for knowledge sharing


  • A focus on supporting digital entrepreneurship hubs and creative shared spaces


  • Mentoring and technical support for community groups and social enterprises to support innovation.


Funding and timeframe


The project is funded by the Communities in Partnership Programme of the International Fund for Ireland.

Phase I of the project has an 18-month timeframe of July 2023 – December 2024

Further information

Please contact:

Shaun Kennedy

Tel: 028 7035 6318 (ext 205)/07594 887905

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