Thu 25 July 2024
1:00PM – 3:00PM



The Go Succeed Start team hosts this workshop, aimed at existing business owners. The session delves into the core principles and practical applications of strategic planning.

Participants will gain insights into analysing internal and external environments, setting clear objectives, and crafting actionable strategies to drive organisational growth and resilience.

Participants will also explore proven methodologies for analysing current strategies, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and aligning organisational goals with market trends. From assessing risks to leveraging opportunities, this workshop equips leaders with the mindset to chart a clear path to achieving growth.


“Thank you Peter, that was very informative and plenty to put into play.” Business Owner

“Thank you. That was a great session. It helped me answer some questions that need to be addressed.” Business Owner.

This Go Succeed workshop is open to all individuals in the early stages of their business, throughout Northern Ireland, and is facilitated by Enterprise Northern Ireland.


About the Presenter

Peter Hollingsworth has over twenty years of experience working with entrepreneurs across the UK. He holds master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBA), Business Economics, and Marketing and is an SFEFI level five accredited Business and Enterprise Support Services Adviser and Trainer.


Registration instructions: This event is free for individuals and will be hosted online via MS Teams.  Please note, your email confirmation, Live Stream link and access code will come from, please add this to your list of trusted accounts to prevent information landing in your junk folder.

This workshop is brought to you as part of Go Succeed NI.  Go Succeed represents a significant investment in local entrepreneurs and businesses, funded by the UK Government and powered by the UK Levelling Up Fund.