Speakers: Roisin Garland and Leanne Jennings, The Grand Scale
Roisin Garland and Leanne Jennings will share their growth marketing expertise gained over 40 years of helping B2B tech companies to launch, scale and grow on the global stage. Their powerful, proven strategies will enable you to find, engage and convert large numbers of prospects without having to expand your sales and marketing team.
If you’ve been running to stand still, struggling to achieve the sales traction your company needs (or deserves) to grow and keep your board and investors happy – this masterclass is for you. Ro and Leanne will walk through the practical steps you can start taking right now to help you accelerate business growth, achieve international breakthrough and satisfy your board and investors.
In this masterclass, you will discover:
1. A proven approach to accelerating business growth developed by two world-class marketers who have used it to catapult companies to global success
2. Practical steps you can start taking immediately to transform your sales and marketing and achieve the results you need to scale your tech company fast
3. The secret to identifying and getting to know your ideal customer and why that will dramatically change your marketing success rate
4. Clever ways to find and reach a high volume of prospects without expanding your sales and marketing team
5. How to engage with prospects systematically and effectively to turn them from strangers into hot leads that you can convert to customers
This masterclass is specifically tailored for B2B Companies.