If you’ve ever thought about delivering a TEDx Talk, then you already know that there is something very special about the red TEDx dot. It’s a place where great ideas are born, and where TEDx speakers inspire the change that they want to see in the world.

But a TEDx talk doesn’t have to be limited to a TEDx event. A TEDx talk can be the inspiration for how you influence people in your community to think differently and to try something new.

You can take ideas from TEDx and use them to craft a talk that shows people a new way of approaching an old problem or your unique perspective on a big challenge. You can deliver your very own TEDx talk in the meeting room at work or in the community hall in your village.

If you’d like to take a fresh look at developing your next talk or presentation, attend this event with experienced TEDx speaker coach, Camilla Long. Camilla has coached over 100 TEDx speakers, helping them to realise the talk of a lifetime, and by the time of this event, will have delivered her first TEDx talk at TEDxEnniskillen.

At this event, you can expect to get insights into:

  • structuring your message for impact
  • script ideas to keep your audience’s attention
  • stagecraft and speaker presence