COVID-19 Response Video: Managing Staff & Furloughing


Business Development Consultant and Alchemy mentor Brigid Duggan has been at the cold front of the COVID-19 response callbacks for the last 3 weeks. Brigid’s conversations and insights has allowed her to prepare answers to the most frequently asked questions, to help employers with their obligations and options.

  • What is furloughed leave?
  • Do employers have to pay first, claim later?
  • Do employers have to pay full holiday pay during furlough period?
  • Are casual and zero hours contracts workers covered?
  • Can I place an employee on furlough instead of SSP?

and many more of your questions.

Brigid wraps up by asking employers to use this time to review various staff documentation including risk assessments and employment contracts. This can be with the help of an Alchemy mentor.


Posted on

15th April 2020